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A Sunday Times 'one to watch out for!'

Lovely, exuberant, scratchy illustrations enliven this inclusive picture book about a girl cheering up her grandfather in hospital with gifts from her imagination. It breezes along to a happy ending.

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My two latest stories for young children are both illustrated by the very marvellous and talented Jen Khatun and published by Lantana Publishing


published 2022

When Jake’s mum upcycles every last thing in the apartment, Jake begins to worry that the only thing left to change is . . . him! Jake’s mum is not like most mums. Say there's a skip in the street, most mums will pass right by without a second glance. Not Jake’s mum. “Look at this, Jake!” she'll shout. “We must have this! We must have this, too! And we simply must have this!” That’s Jake’s mum for you. She’s a must-have mum. Soon Jake begins to worry that his mum will want to change him too. Should he be this way? Or that way? Or another way altogether? A heartwarming story about the unbreakable bond between a mother and her son, and a little boy who learns that he is perfect just the way he is. Illustrated by Jen Khatun


Winner of the Good Housekeeping Children’s Book Award

My Must-Have Mum is a Books for Topics

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“A truly lovely book, every page feels like a warm hug”—Michelle Robinson

“My Must-Have Mum is an exciting, joyful uplifting book about the super special relationship between mother and son. Told from son Jake’s point of view, I love how much he adores his mum and her quirky habit of collecting and upcycling so many wonderful treasures. Utterly gorgeous!”—My Book Corner

"A heart-warming story that embraces diversity, environmental issues and unconditional love. Mum’s comforting words as Jake worries about her wanting to change him are so supportive and heartfelt - they are words that will reassure every child”—Story Snug;

"This is a totally LOVELY book and deserves lots of attention - great for opening good conversations about disability, although the ABILITIES of the Mum in this story are what count most"—Nicola Davies

“There is so much to enjoy in this charming, inclusive picture book, which beautifully celebrates diversity, acceptance and unconditional love. The bond between Jake and his mother, who happens to be a wheelchair user, is utterly heart-warming. Dynamic illustrations combine energetic drawings with vibrant pops of colour to produce images which are full of exciting details to explore”—Book Trust



published 2024

Grandpa Jim can only see a small square of blue sky from his hospital window so Cora decides there’s only one thing for it – she will bring him some sea to go with it! First, she brings him a hat full of sea. Then she brings him a hat full of countryside. She even brings him the moon, the black velvet night and the shimmering, glimmering stars. She empties them all out onto the hospital bed for her beloved Grandpa Jim to share. Can Cora bring the hospital ward to magical life until her grandpa is ready to go outside and play with her once more? A heart-warming story about one very special hat. Or should that be one very special girl? Illustrated by Jen Khatun

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